Preparing the Home for the School Year

With the return to the school year looking over the near horizon it is time to begin preparing your home for the work that will consume much of the time in the coming fall.  Equipping your home now for the coming school year with furniture items obtained from Kohl’s department store will assure that everyone has dedicated space to do their schoolwork and study when that time is needed.  And it will also ensure that the rest of your home is kept from being “occupied” by students whose study habits just might not coincide with their parents’ ideas of what an orderly household should look like.

Right now you can get everything from basic bookshelves and study desks to computer workstations and equipment from Kohl’s at substantial discounts of up to 35% off when you use a Groupon promo code or coupon.  Obtaining these items early – before the usual “back-to -school” rush near the end of the summer break – is much easier due to the lower demand and lack of crowds.  And you have plenty of time to receive them and install them.  This enables you to get folks to try them out, get comfortable with them and even begin to feel that sense of “territory” that is such a part of a youngster’s requirement for feeling comfortable when doing schoolwork and study at home.

That proprietary sense is one which you can use to your advantage.  By setting up designated spaces for each youngster, you can also establish set “work zones” and “quiet areas” that are tacitly understood by all as areas to be respected.  So certain spaces may be “out of bounds” for hot foods, loud music, and phone conversations that can disturb someone else who is working on their next day reading or assignment.  At the same time you might designate one space for “group study” and have it as the spot where one person can get the advice or assistance of others.  This might also be the spot where group readings, performances, or home quizzes are held.  By using the furnishings obtained at discount from Kohl’s, and by setting out the areas for study in your home now, you can have things operating smoothly once school begins in earnest.

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