Latest Trading Method in Financial Market

Trading Method in Financial Market

There are many methods on trading in financial market. However, not all of the method suits the investors. Methods of trading have developed from time to time. The latest of the trading method is what is called GeWorko. This is a kind of market analysis that makes it possible to create asset portfolios from instruments on the platform and even to determine its price compared to another. This GeWorko method of trading is generated from the concept of B/Q assets relation which B as the base is traded against the Q as the quoted. This can form both simple structured instruments.

The main feature of the latest trading method in financial market, GeWorko, is that it creates portfolios from variety assets of financial and reflects the value to another in a historical retrospective. It calculates the price of all assets in USD and compares the portfolios. The investor can create portfolios deciding the weights and number of assets included. The traders are allowed to expand the trading instruments range, create other and even create portfolio assets from the existing list. This method can also make independent trading instrument with certain price and its history. Finally, this method helps the investor to evaluate the past efficiency and transfer the idea into trading system.

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