Build a finance firm

Of all the businesses to start, an investment firm is among the hardest because people trust investors with experience. It won’t matter to prospective clients what your portfolio looks like because they won’t know where your money came from and they won’t be able to relate to other clients of yours. To instill confidence in your business, you must instill confidence in your clients and this all has to do with how your present yourself and your know-how. People will first get curious about you from your online presence, so your website must be reminiscent of those huge firms. As a start up, you would be best served to learn how to build a website on your own. While it’s not easy, it really only takes patience, research and that perfectionism that we already know you have.


Online presence

Your online presence will be people’s first impression of you, so your web page must be easy to navigate, clear, and it must show your mastery of the market. Because you have little experience investing on behalf of others, play up your education and the successes you’ve had in business. If you can show that you have the hunger for success, people will be more likely to be interested in you. As you get more clients and find success with their portfolios, make sure to reference the success you’ve given them and soon, more prospective clients will want to put themselves in their shoes. If you’re not yet comfortable in building your own site, you can either hire someone or learn to do it yourself. There are actually websites designed to teach you how to build websites. You can also go to sites such as or which are great resources to use for brainstorming on design ideas.


Once you have your online presence all set up, you’d be smart to go to small trade shows and set up a booth. Trade shows are gems to you because they will connect you with potentially thousands of potential clients from all over the world. People don’t always trust the big firms, especially these days. At a small investment firm, each client will feel more important and less like a statistic to be bragged about to get more investors. At a trade show, your presence will be as profound and noticeable as your ambition and your ability to connect. I am not a great investor. I’m not bad, but I have someone who does it for me. I met him at a trade show. He and his father have a boutique investment firm in the Pacific Northwest and represent clients all over the world. They started with only a few customers, but are now in charge of managing over a hundred million dollars! It’s stories like these that really made me feel comfortable and inspired me to entrust my money to them.


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